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GM Vohra's Bio-Data

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Satwinder Singh Vohra

  • Kukkiwon 8th Dan Certificate No. issued on 05002056 issued on 08th September 2007
  • Kukkiwon 1st Class Certificate No. 140002 issued on 28 July 2007

Date of Birth: 20th March 1958

Place of Birth: Batala, Punjab, India

Brief Biography of Tae Kwon Do Training to date

Commenced Tae Kwon Do Training 01.08.1975
1st Dan on 19th February 1977,
2nd Dan on 11th June 1978,
3rd Dan on 13th April 1980,
4th Dan on 19th November 1983.
5th Dan on 26th July 1986
6th Dan on 12th December 1992
7th Dan on 30th May 1998
8th Dan 20th July 2007

Kukkiwon Certification and date of issue
2nd Dan 10th November 1978,
3rd Dan 27th April 1981,
4th Dan 18th July 1984,
5th Dan 28 March 1988,
6th Dan 7th May 1993,
7th Dan 5th August 1999
8th Dan 8th September 2007
World Taekwondo Federation International Referee No:051-0001 Classs:3 Country :Isle of Man(2007)

Teaching Tae Kwon Do and qualifications.
Started in 1976 -1980 Trent Polytechnic Students Union Instructor.
Teaching voluntary part time instructor from 1976 to 1980 at other clubs in Nottinghamshire and travelling around England for personal development of teaching skills.

Registered with the Martial Arts Commission as 2nd Dan Instructor -TaeKwonDo of the British TaeKwonDo Association on 29th August 1979
Military service, at East Midlands Officer Training Corps, in Nottingham 1980-1982, teaching self defence, and unarmed combat to Officer Cadets within the unit.
Became a professional full time Tae Kwon Do Instructor 1982. At which time I started my
own organisation teaching and promoting Tae Kwon Do / Martial Arts, locally, nationally and on the international stage.

This has continued to the present. Current membership includes students, black belts and masters from around the globe.

International Master-Instructor issued by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation on 25th July 1984
Kukkiwon (World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters) 3rd class Tae Kwon Do instructor on 25th July 1998
Kukkiwon (World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters) 2nd class Tae Kwon Do instructor on 30th July 2005
Teaching in Germany, 1983 to present on numerous occasions.

South Africa December 1998,

India 2004,2005 ,2006 and 2007.

Isle of Man in January 2007.

Competition and Refereeing in Tae Kwon Do.
Competitions at Local, Regional, National and then International level from end 1975. Leading to selection into the team that represented Great Britain at the 4th World Tae Kwon Do Championships held in Stuttgart, Germany in 1979
Referee certification Class 2 issued on 3rd May 1979 by British Tae Kwon Do Association.
Refereeing Internationally from 1983 to present at various open championships.
Competing at;
Taekwondo competitions and events from starting in

1975 at local, regional, then national level and then internationally. These were WTF fighting system leading to becoming national team member in the 1979. Travelling to various competitions in England and Europe.
1980 to present have hosted and helped organise competitions.
1st World Martial Arts Federation Championships, Seoul Korea in April 1998 and achieving Gold in forms and destruction. Silver in Fighting. Also demonstrating in Budo Action Exhibitions.
2nd World Martial Arts Federation Championships Hannover Germany,
November 2000 achieving Gold in Fighting. Silver in destruction and in forms. Also demonstrating in Budo Action Exhibitions as well as helping in the organisation of the event.

3rd World Martial Arts Federation Championships Hannover Germany, November 2003. Also demonstrating in Budo Action Exhibitions as well as helping in the organisation of the event.

4th World Martial Arts Federation Championships Misburg, Hannover Germany, November 2006. Also demonstrating in Budo Action Exhibitions as well as helping in the organisation of the event.

Since becoming a Professional Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Instructor in 1982, I

Have trained students from the age of 3 years of age, to the oldest in one my classes being 100 years of age. I have had many students develop skills from beginner to achieve black belt and beyond. From beginner to black belt 6th Dan. My students have competed at local, regional, national and international competitions achieving successes at the highest level. Some have gone on to become successful instructors.
Also attended numerous press and media interviews,
having had articles published in local, national and international press along with martial arts magazines. Have also appeared on Television to discuss Taekwondo and the promotion of martial arts starting 1983 to present.
Countries where I have students include America, South Africa, India ,Germany, Ethiopia, Angola, Kenya and Spain who are in touch on a regular basis.

Have currently started working in India and also Isle of Man to promote Taekwondo.

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