The GVIMA offers the following type of membership:

1. Club Membership.

  • Affiliated School/Organisation.
  • Associated School/Organisation.

2. Individual Membership.

  • Lifetime Membership.
  • Individual.

All GVIMA memberships are on an annual basis. Please see – Administrative Regulations for further details as to the requirements of membership.

GVIMA Membership & Certificates.

  • Upon joining the GVIMA, each individual member is issued with an GVIMA membership card.
  • Instructors operating a club or school will be issued with a license to operate a branch CLUB.

Rank Certifications.

  • GVIMA Rank Certification are issued upon completion of the testing and certification requirements by the individual member.

All ranks issued by the GVIMA are bestowed under the authority of Grandmaster SS Vohra, 9th Dan, President & Chief Instructor. Those practising Taekwondo will also get Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters Registration/certification.